Class Policies

REFUND POLICY NOTICE: You may cancel your registration for a full refund minus a $20 administration fee within two business days after registering, up until 10 days before the first class of the semester.  After that, refunds are not available, although credits may be offered in extenuating circumstances.  Refunds are not given for unused classes, although a pro-rated credit may be issued to your account in extenuating circumstances. 

ATTENDANCE: In order to provide a smooth transition between classes, every effort will be made to begin and end classes on time.  Please be prompt!  It will make your child's adjustment easier.  The Hello Song ritual is especially important for the children so that they begin to develop a since of familiarity in class.  The studios open 15 minutes before classes starts so your child can have a chance to acclimate himself/herself to the space.

HEALTH & SAFETY: By attending class, you assume a reasonable risk of being exposed to COVID-19 or any other contagious illness.  A liability release waiver is coming soon...

FOOD/DRINKS/CELL PHONES, etc.: To keep the space clean and to keep us all focused, please have your children finish all snacks outside the room.  Please don’t allow your child to bring toys, dolls, sippy cups/bottles, or food into the circle.  For those who must have their cell phones on during class, please be considerate and take your calls outside the classroom.  We welcome you to take photos or a short video of your child during class. Please do not take panning videos of the class without permission of the class. But then please put your phone away so you can participate.  Or simply as your teacher to help you set up a photo op after class & s/he will be glad to! 

MAKE-UP CLASSES: Due to COVID-19 and the subsequent limited class offerings, make ups have been temporarily suspended.  Instead, we will offer as many courtesty classes as we need to at the end of the 10-week semester if we had to cancel a regularly scheduled class due to inclement weather.  Our usual make up policy, which we hope to revert to in late 2020 is: Make-up classes per family are given each session (usually 3) as space permits.  Make-up classes must be scheduled in advance and must be taken within the current session. Please schedule and cancel make up classes here.  If, during the semester, you know that you will be missing a class, please let us know.  This will enable us to provide extra space for make-up classes.    

OLDER SIBLINGS IN CLASS:   We understand that once in a while scheduling conflicts arise and that's why we offer a one-time freebie for non-enrolled siblings to attend.  After that, there is a $15 fee per class, as space permits.  This policy also applies to non-enrolled visiting guests age 10 and under, unless they are there demo-ing the class.  If the sibling will attend more than a time or two, you might consider just signing him or her up for the class for the sibling discount.  That's one of the great things about Music Together's mixed-age approach- siblings can attend class together!  Grandparents, Daddies, and other adult guests are welcome anytime at no additional charge.   

PLEASE NOTE:  If you find that your current class time is not working for you, let us know ASAP.  Changes can be made (at no extra charge) up until week three of your regularly scheduled class if space permits. No refunds are given after the first day of class. 

CDs, SONGBOOKS, GUIDES: You will receive a Music Together songbook and two corresponding CDs.  Play your CD at home or in the car as frequently as possible especially during the first weeks of class.  Make it available for your child to listen to while he or she is playing or before taking a nap or at bath time.  Read the illustrated songbook with your child and use it to help you remember the songs or to play along if you play an instrument. Use of the materials makes a significant difference in your child's and your own experience of the Music Together program. Keep in mind that on your first day of class, you’re not the only one in the room who doesn’t know the music.  It’s new to everyone.  New parents will receive a Parent Education Guide.  It's a good idea for returning parents and caregivers to review the guide again.

PHOTO RELEASE: From time to time photos may be taken during class and used only for the purposes of promoting Music Together Metro Atlanta classes on our website, fliers and/or business social media pages.  By enrolling your child you agree to have you and/or your child's photo taken and used for such purposes.  You may opt out of this at any time by notifying

YOUR CHILD'S/YOUR PARTICIPATION: As facilitators of family music-making, I urge you or your caregiver participate in class.  The children are free to develop naturally and in their own time and style.  As challenging as it might be to inhibit our parental/caregiver desires and expectations to see our children "perform" in class, it's important to understand that they are learning basic music skills even when they are simply observing others.  Also, children have different learning styles and personalities and many like to just watch for several weeks or even longer.  What usually and almost always happens is that they will do everything at home first.  So, please know that I do not require or expect your child to participate in class.  However, keep in mind that you are here as a model for your child, even if you don't feel particularly confident about your own musical abilities.  If your child sees you making music and having a good time then she or he is more likely to develop that disposition.  Likewise, if your child sees that you talk through class or do not participate, he or she is likely to develop that same attitude.  So relax, let your child "be" and have fun yourself!  

Finally, please contact us with questions, concerns, feedback, things you love about our classes, things we can improve on.  We’d love to hear from you!


Ms. Jennifer & the MTMA Team